About Me

about Hello, my name is Scott Mitchell

I could start this blurb with a rant about how talented I am and how you should hire me for your desired occasions. Now don't get me wrong I'm not discouraging this idea, in fact I'm highly open to the notion of capturing beautiful moments for you, your family, and friends to remember for years to come, but instead of trying to coax your interest with words about my skills and talent check out my Photos.

I don't have any interest in your stereotypical picture of a flower or sunrise,
My focus is in the emotion and adrenaline or a car in mid skid or a group of people celebrating a momentous event in their lives that drives my interest in photography.

Currently, I am employed by Mona vale hotel as an events photographer and have previously had my photos published in car magazine 'Fast Fours'. Recently I have become fascinated by the art of videography and am hoping to further this fascination and move into a more professional aspect of videos. For all your photography needs please feel free to email me through my Contact page.
I'll let my Photos do the talking… we all know the saying.